The Way We Talk is the Way We Walk

EMGROW is an acronym of my name, Marty Groen in ‘t Woud. I strongly believe that consolidated knowledge leads to progression and growth. Through a constructive conversation, we define the core challenge. We build in-depth understanding of the business issues, trends and growth opportunities. We learn from history and focus on the future.

Deriving from the agreed commercial growth strategy, we define the commercial growth initiatives and start with the implementation, which we consider a careful transformation process. We take care that all people are being trained and required processes are in place.

EMGROW facilitates optimal execution of the strategy through partnering with many specialists in various fields of expertise.

Our Commitment

It is my personal commitment to you to help you grow your business.

We are committed to offer you smart, simple, efficient, realistic and transparent commercial growth solutions for you, your business, your organization, and for your clients and partners.

EMGROW: vision and mission


Organizations that wish sustainable growth need a plan, to continuously improve and to retain their competitive advantage. Organizations often lack time, prioritization and capacity to put forth strategic planning. Organizations that have a strategic plan mostly lack time, priority and capacity to carry out the strategy.


We help ambitious and inclusive entrepreneurs and managers to create strategy and to make the organization ready to carry-out the strategy, so that goals and objectives can be achieved.


What we do very well, and consequently love doing.

  • Hands-on

    I am hands-on, pragmatic person. Through constructive conversations, I create and deliver commercial growth plans in a most efficient and pleasant manner. And then I get started. I am a ‘roll up your sleeves and get going’ kind of guy.

  • Realistic

    I like to keep things real. I set SMART objectives, realistic goals, and make sensible, comprehensible plans. Always with both feet on the ground, and a ‘no-nonsense’ work style.

  • Approachable

    My phone is always on. You can reach me anytime and I will take time to listen to you. My easy-going personality makes it convenient for you to say what is on your mind.

  • Creative

    I dare to be different, inventive and original. I keep track of the latest news and trends in various industries, marketing, people and organizational development. I prefer to look at things from multiple perspectives. To open our minds for courageous actions, to differentiate and to surprise customers. I like to show people what else is possible, and encourage them to find their own talents and potential.

  • Straightforward

    I like keeping things simple, and I always work with open agendas. Being straightforward goes hand-in-hand with respect and understanding of one another’s situations and considerations. I am polite, honest and respectful. Transparent and uncomplicated. It makes things clear and simple for everyone.

  • Personal

    Every person, company and situation is unique. Therefore, I do not use standard models or templates. I first check-in with the organization, with the people in the organization, and with the business structure. I am very attentive to detail and environment-conscious. That is why I can deliver the customized growth plan that you deserve.

Marty Groen in 't Woud: hands-on marketer

Marty Groen in 't Woud

  • An independent marketer who helps entrepreneurs realize their ambitions
  • 20+ years in various commercial and marketing management roles for large, international companies
  • a TMA-certified professional
  • a NIMA (Dutch institute for marketing) certified Senior Marketing Professional (SMP)

Business partners and team members appreciate my empathetic, patient yet challenging coaching style, my creativity and drive to continuously improve and achieve results.

I have turned my passion into my profession. That is why I am here with you today. Creating, strengthening and implementing commercial growth strategies for, and with you.

Let's roll up our sleeves and get started!

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